MARS RED SKY stream new song off their album “Stranded In Arcadia”, out April 28th in Europe

French heavy psychedelic trio MARS RED SKY are set to release their long-awaited second album “Stranded In Arcadia” this Monday in Europe. The 11-track record was recorded in Rio De Janeiro by Gabriel Zander at Superfuzz Studio during their South American tour last year.

Here is what The Obelisk says about the song: “The Light Beyond is a highlight of Stranded in Arcadia, but for anyone who heard the first record or its follow-up EP, the song also offers firm evidence of how Mars Red Sky have grown in the last couple years. More than that, it’s the kind of track that feels like it’s swallowing you whole as it eases between its verses and jammed-out vibing.
Within only three years, MARS RED SKY have established themselves as a major groundbreaker of the European psychedelic and heavy scene. Their first eponymous album raised the bar high with its blending of heavy psychedelia, melodic vocals and fuzz-drenched desert grooves: a real trip for the heart and soul. Now, French fuzzlords Julien Pras, Jimmy Kinast and Mathieu Gazeau are back with their second record “Stranded In Arcadia”, literally smashing all what has been previously done by the band, in terms of creativity and the sensations it provides to the listener. Heavier and more hypnotic than ever, this 8-track stoner masterpiece will take you compellingly into a whirl of cosmic riffage and addictive grooves: it’ll take you into the unseen and wonderful world of Arcadia.
This album is more than a kick ass rehash of familiar 70’s influences; this French three piece comes dangerously close to classic album territory, with a sound that’s equally melodic and menacing, brutal and beautifully serene, and this reconciliation of polarities is the driving force behind their particular brand of psychedelia.” The Sleeping Shaman
Stranded In Arcadia is a release I love from the get-go but it’s a grower and a shape-shifter. Every time I put it on it’s obviously them but a new angle has been brought to the table and this constant change within their own boundaries is extremely appealing to me.” The Sludgelord
This is for the majority a breath of fresh air within stoner rock, the French trio delivering a welcome tonic to those who say the scene has died and moved on, and more pertinently to a genre needing this kind of passion, invention and good tunes. Great stuff.” Nine Hertz
I have no doubt that when the end of 2014 arrives, Stranded in Arcadia will be counted as one of its most substantive milestones.” The Obelisk
MARS RED SKY is on tour right now, feel free to contact me for guest list spots and interviews, the band will be more than happy to meet you there!
04.26.14 – SAINTES (Fr) Coconut Party @ Théâtre Geoffroy Martel
05.06.14 – ESCH SUR ALZETTE (Lux) Rockhal *** 
05.07.14 – LAUSANNE (Swz) Les Docks *** w/ Detroit
05.08.14 – AMIENS (Fr) Le Cirque Jules Verne ***
05.15.14 – BORDEAUX (Fr) Barbey, Release Party “Into The Mars Red Sound”
05.17.14 – ANGOULÊME (Fr) La Nef
06.01.14 – PARIS (Fr) La Cigale *** (sold out)
06.26.14 – SALLES-ABRUISSANNAS (Fr) Willstock Festival
06.27.14 – VIC LE COMTE (Fr) Festival Alambic
06.28.14 – ÉVREUX (Fr) Le Rock Dans Tous Ses États Festival
10.02.14 – PARIS (Fr) La Maroquinerie
Full European Tour from October 1st to October 19th – More infos soon
*** with French rock band Detroit
MARS RED SKY also announced their release party “Into the Mars Red Sound”, which will take place in their hometown Bordeaux on May 15th. The band will perform a classic live set alongside Russian rock outfit The Grand Astoria, as well as an experimental video and sound creation featuring acousmatic songwriter Julia Al Abed. Infos and presales here
New album “Stranded In Arcadia” (Listenable Records)
Out on April 28th in Europe and June 10th in the US

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